13 aprilie 2012

Leaşă despre filme

Animatie: Up, Rio, Tangled, Ice Age, Ratatouille
Actiune: Taken, The Unknown, Die Hard, The Hunger Games
Drama: Bridge To Terabithia, Everybody's Fine, Dear John, The Help
Comedie: Bruce Almighty, Click, License To Wed, Keeping The Faith
Istoric: The Queen, The Gathering Storm, Into The Storm
SF: Avatar,  E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Day the Earth Stood Still
Razboi: Schindler's List
Fantasy: Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland, Jumanji, The Dark Knight, Enchanted
Horror: -
Sport: The Blind Side
Documentar: Great Migrations, Curiosity
Musical: The Sound Of Music, Hairspray
Romantic: The Lake House, The Notebook,
Biografic: Einstein And Eddington, The King's Speech
Thriller: The Silence Of The Lambs, Inception, The Brave One

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